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History of Amreli District

Very few information on historical background is available for Amreli District prior to becoming part of erstwhile Vadodara State. Amreli district was named after Amreli city. It is a head quarter of the district it is learnt from the prescription that Nagnath temple that ancient name of Amereli city was Amarpalli.

When Damajirav Gayakwad came to Kathiawad in about 1730, three parties viz kahtis of Dubalia carter, some saiyads holding saneds of lands obtained for the king of Delhi and Fozdar of Junagadh subcrsinete to suba of Ahmedabad Damajirao levied tribute on all Damajirao Gayakwad, the Marotha leader, established military camps at Amreli and Lati in 1742-43 A.D. There was control of Vithalrao Devaji, Gaykwad Suba on Kathiawad upto 1820. He lived at Amreli, capital of territories acquired by Gaekwad. There were Damnagar and six villages known previously as Chhabharia acquired thereafter seriously. They were given by Lakhoji of Lathi in sowary at the marriage ceremony of his daughter with Damajirao Gaekwad. Damnegar Mahal was constituted of certain villages took away by kathis and biduos of Babra, which were taken back by Vithchao Devaji and made increase it. Damnagar mahel was constituted of 26 villages later on the mahel was amalgamated into lathi Taluka. It was transferred to this district lender reconstitution of the districts.

Fort of Dhari was in possession of Kathis of sarasia theba, which was given to a notorious outlaw Raningwala free of cost. When Raningwala went outside for out Lawry, Gaekwad amalgamated Dhari Taluka in his territory. It is not certain when Gaekwad first entered into Kodinar, but his one part was in original Dwarka, Navab of Junagadh granted half of the revenue of kodinor for its maintenance.

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