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Panchayati Raj

We inherited principal administrative matters vig. revenue administration and police administration evolved by Englishmen along with independence, but we did not get any definite machinery for administration of development. In these circumstances, the central government coordinated community development schemes. Works of community development were stated with this scheme. However, cooperation of the people was negligible in this scheme. Consequently, graph of success remained too low. In these circumstances, the national planning board constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Hom. Late balvantray mahta. Among the objectives of the committee, a machinery was to be envisaged by which people may participate more and more in the development process and a scheme was to be recommended for decentralization of democracy. Late shree balvantray mahta submitted report in December 1957 , which recommended three-tires panchayati raj system. The three-tiers panchaytati raj system proposed by late balvantray Mehta committee has come into force since 1-4-1993 in Gujarat state.