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Chiranjivi yojana

Delivery in private hospital under chiranjivi yojana is totally free and safe. In order to avail benefit of the scheme.

Every pregnant mother should register her name with local nurse, at an earliest. Requisite services from her is compulsory.

You are regansted to contact local health worker (male/female) of your village of your nearest health centre for further information.

Kindly do as under to avail benefits of chiranjivi yojana

  Families living below poverty line shall be required got any to private gynecologist form the list mentioned hereafter.
  In order to avail benefit of this scheme, the families living below poverty line shall go with Xerox copy of his/her retion-card (BPL).

If ration-card is lost they shall obtain certificate from the talati-cum-mantri of the village that “the said family is one of the families living below poverty line. For urban areas, such certificate shall be obtained from the chief officer.


The pregnant mothers who produce the said evidences, shall have totally free delivery in the private hospitals mentioned here with.


Apart from free delivery, Rs.200 to the beneficiaries of rural areas towards fare of vehicles to come to private hospital for delivery and to go home from the private hospital immediately while Rs.100 will be paid to such beneficiary from urban areas.

Midwife, anganwadi workers and any of the relatives accompanying pregnant mother shall be paid Rs.-50 in private hospital.