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Citizen Chartered

independence of an individual is considered as foundation stone in democratic administration system. It is an undoubted fact that healthy democracy cannot devlop without devlopment of an individual.

Certain rights have been bestowed to citizens in the construction of India. Administrative machinarry is one of the media to bestow there rights to ordinary citizen. In further influsion of constitutional remadial rights, the administrative machineryhas been able to accomplish responsiblities. Entrusted to it constitutionally succesfull? The question was descussed in the Chairmanship of Honourable Prime Minister on 24th may 1992. As a result of discussion some concert step, so that the central govt. And State govt. May bring transparency in administration, accountablities are determind in true sense and general public may avail information on functioning of administrative machinary. Citizen chater is one step among them. Hon. Chief minister declared to commance immediately citizen charter work in selected 10 department, office and to put in to practice within a period of one year on the eve of celebration of independence day on 15th august.

Panchayat Department was selected among above 10 Department . All the district panchayat of the State have declered their charters.

Which district panchayats implement which schemes in the said citizen charter have been included in it. There is details of information. In these circumstances the citizens avail benefit of the schemes. Types of activites performed by verious branchs of the district panchayat have also been overviewed.

time-limit on sanction/rejection of application has been determined by the district panchayat. The district panchayat has started citizen asistance center to give sufficient guidence to the citizens suitable arrengment has been made, so that the citizen may obtain proper infarmation regarding their application of chapters details as to whom to apply have been included there in. More ever,efforts have been made to achieve following rights and aspirations: