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General outline of the district

Amreli district has variety of lands viz. Medium black, loamy, sandy, rocky inferior and saline mainly groundnut, cotton, sesame, bajri, wheet and grams are grown therein.
Amreli district is situated on south of Saurashtra area, It has been geographically divided into five parts as under;
Coastal areas Jafrabad and Rajula
Salt land areas Villages of Liliya, Lathi, Amreli, Dhari, Bagasara and Savarkundla talukas.
Panchal Areas Babra
Gir Forests Areas Khambha, Dhari
Flat and fertile areas Amreli, Dhari, Kunkavav, Babra, Lathi, Rajula, Savarkundla.
Large variations are found in the above divisions in agricultural practices, rainfall, fertility of land, crop pattern, and productivity per hectare as a result there is economic imbalance in each division.