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Amreli district is forefront in agriculture field. The crops like cotton, groundnut till, Bajri etc. are taken in monsoon. In winter the crops like wheat, Jira, Grains, Onion, Garlic, vegetables are taken. In summer, the groundnut, mug (green beans) Bajri, etc. are taken.Farmers are provided modern counseling about agriculture through, extension section in the district. In last there forms the rains have in crossed and the water preservation works have been done in the district; therefore the irrigation facilities have improved.
The farmers are provided technical information and schematic information an during agriculture festival celebration; agricultural camps etc. Due to soil health card and the information provided in Krnui Mahotsava, the farmers in the district have stored taking new off like tissue culture banana, ginger, turmeric and ajma etc. The farmer have been given assistance in various schemes of Agriculture department, such as development of oil seeds, development of grams, intensive cotton scheme, the scheme of areal crops irrigation of Schedule Caste people; irrigation scheme of small and marginal farmer, seeds, chemical fertilizer, compost, improved agricultural equipments, spray pump, tractor, thrasher, gypsum, integrated insect preventive instruments etc.
If farmer dies in an accidental death, under accidental insurance scheme, the heirs are paid assistance worth Rs. 1 lac. During natural calamities like heavy rains, the farmers are assisted under a agricultural package. Efforts are made to improve the quality of agricultural produces by providing modern agricultural knowledge and guidance by extension administration. So that the agriculture production of the country comes up and the economic conditions of farmers get improved.