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Camp Detail

Organizing Animal Health Fair
Effort are made to interview the production of animal through aimal treatment camps.
Modern technical knowledge is provided to cattle keepers in the night meetings.
The animal exhibitions and film shows are arranged.
Distribution of grass minikit
Effort are made to provide the improved grass through distribution of minikit of improved grass and thereby to improve animal production.
The animal keepers are motivated by organizing animal milk production competition.
NABARD loan scheme
The interest amount is provided for form of milk animals Efforts of maintenance of health at animals through health package.
Providing of manually operated Suda
100 per cent assistance is provided for grass cutting suda thereby making efforts to stop the wastage at grass.
Efforts are made to make the Schedule Caste beneficiary to become economically sound by providing a goat unit of 10+1.
Information about camps of animal care and camps for animal keepers:
1 The camp productions of animals no. of animal treated and expenditure. In 70 caps 14032 animals were treatment at the cost of Rs.2,77,192.00
2 No. of animal keepers taking benefit of animal improvement camps and expenditure In 70 camps 3567 trainees benefited Exp.Rs.69740/-
3 The village animal improvement education camps of contrally Sponsored Schemes @ 75.25 no. of beneficiaries as expenditure There were 42 Camps in the district/Taluka level with 2153 beneficiaries.Exp.37600/-