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Under the district panchayat,there are 24 veterinary hospitals, 2 branch veterinary hospitals and 24 primary animal treatment centres. Out of 26 posts of veterinary offices, 13 posts are filled up out of 24 Animal inspectors, 13 posts have been filied. Besides, out of 25 intensive animal husbandry improvement scheme, only 6 post of animal inspectors have been filled. Out of 7 sheep extension centre, only 1 post is filled. There are 8 centres of sheep wool corporation. There are a BIAF Cow protection centre. There are totally 13 Gaushala and 6 panjarapole the kothiawodi Horse service centre are functioning at Babra Savarkundlla and Nogeshri dispensaries of district panchayat. The activities of a animal husbandry and animal improvement have been carried out through animal treatment, immunization, artificial insemination, castration, animal treatment camps, serving level, camps, night meeting, Animal exhibitions, Film shows etc.