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Educational outline

Totally 174420 students in 782 primary schools of Amreli district have been given education by 5053 teachers. The 688 Schools out of 782 have electricity connection. 712 have sanitation facility. 655 schools have compound walls and 602 schools have grounds for sports activities. In relation to set-up to teachers there is a shortage of 244 rooms out of 782 primary schools in this district, there is 1 school for std.1 to 2,
Out of 5053 teachers, there are 1953 vidhya shayaks in which 1115 have been regularized. In the currant year, 530 posts are to be filled up 2005-09 with 468 PTC, 26 CPED, 21ATD and 15 Music Vidya Sahayaks. The advertisement for this recruitment has been published in "Gujarat Samachar" dated 22-4-08. the recruitment process is going on.
The literacy rate of Amreli district is 77.68% which is higher than the rate of India (75.85)%, but lower than that of Gujarat, which is 80.50%. There are 108 villages with female literacy rate at less than 35, the male female ration of this district is 1000:986.
No school for standard 1 to 3
24 schools for standard 1 to 4
36 schools for standard 1 to 5
43 schools for standard 1 to 6 and
678 schools for standard 1 to 7