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Amreli District means a distinguished land, who has given many Jewels to up. The nation poet Zaverchand Meghani, who has sharing “Raj mane lagyo Kasubino rang” the great grand foner of Folk Arb and folk literature Padmashri Dula Bhaya kag, the royal poet la;a[o are sung re punkhido, sukhathi chanjo, gealva kaink gajo, great poer hans Dr. Jivraj Mehta the first Chief minister of Gujarat , shri Raghavaji leuwa, who was a chirman of legillative Assembly, shri P.K. Laheri are remained Chief Sectary of the state of Gujarat the world famous Magition shri P.K.Lal, Lare poet shr Ramesh Parekh, Dr. Vasantbhai Parikh, who was felicitated by the leaned hon. H.E.the president of India Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam the well known painter shri Tufansha Rafai etc.
Amreli district has 11 Talukas,613 Villages, 12 tours with 9 municipalities. It is situated at 20.4 east to 12.1 East degrees of north latitude and 70-30 to 71.4 degrees of east longitude.
It we review the population of the district as per 2001 census there were 701384 male and 691911 female, making a total of 133295 persons. The male : Female ratios 1000:986 in literacy rout, the male literacy rate was 77.68 percent and female literacy rate at 67.72 percent. One total geographical area is 736366 heactres. The Gauchar (Cattle building) land is 86931 hectares.
The feograophical conditions of Amreli district are not even amreli district are not even the Babra taluka area is in north and has small and big hills is raker a high land. The area is also known as panchal. The middle area of Amreli, Lotai, Liliya, Kukawav etc is dlav, some pair of liliyai la thi, Amreli Savarkundla Etc is salty in south some parb of savarkundla, Dhari, Khambha and Rajula are hilly, the land having a sea shore at Rajula and jafrabad is less fertile.