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Aids is not a disease but a kind of condition wherein the resistance power of body so reduced that revolting diseage possibility weakens.
The we wear and tear of body, without any operation cases, get reduce by 10 percent or more.
The fever continues for more than a month, with unknown reasons.
One has to be with one person and has to keep secure relations with one person only and should use condom.
No, physical intercourse should be made with risky groups and unknown individuals.
when it is utmost necessary to take his/her blood, the blood should be throughly examined and it is free from HIV infection.
Avoid to take blood from professional blood donors and individuals of risky groups.
Never use a syringe without disinfecting it.
As far as possible, try to avoid taking injection, It is advisable to use Liquid medicines.
The AIDS Bastion are taken to Amreli Civil Hospital, for furter tests.