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Maintenance of Cleanliness

Full attention is paid to see for re cleanliness is maintained from district level to block level, to primary Health(Centre, to sub-Centre and up to a village level. The field level workers, during their surveillance visits, examine it here is any un cleanliness or heaps of rubbish, debris, water-logging, Pits on road side, collection of dirty water in pits, leakage of pipelines etc. and draw the attention  of concerned people/authorities and keeps care to see that level of cleanliness is maintained and the epidemic is averred. At village level, with the co-ordination of Taluka panchayat/voluntary  organization the camps are planned or regular intervals and people are motivated to construct souk-pits, bathing  place, water place, smokeless Cholas, water Seal closet etc to bring up the level of cleanliness are individual level for which the exhibition are also planned abut health education activities