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Medical treatment is provided as per laboratory investigation to the needy patient at the health centre level, under control and monitoring of block office beside, necessary primary treatment is provided after home to home surveillance by field health workers in the village of their field in the sub-centers the immediate primary treatment is provided against fever diarrhea elz. Through chlorite to bleb and ORS packets to private water generated diseases in most of the village of the village of he district through lever treatment depot. Drug distribution depot or placing welfare baskets in a Rakia shop.
Adequate care in taken by the administration to refer the patints to primary health centre or community Health centre or Community health centre or Rural (hospital or District TB Centre when on the JP treatment is rot possible, of the case identified during surveillance.
The Chlorinaka Intra/parovomestic measure, biologic measures and immnisation for mother and child are provided as prevention against water-generated disease for children.