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Total 468 check dams have been completed at an expenditure of Rs.1587.42 lakh under various grants of the Budget which gave indirect benefit to 4680 hectors.
No new check-dam has been sanctioned for panchayats irrigation department in the budget after 1999-2000. There is no check-dam under plan.
As there is no new check dam has been constructed by the irrigation department of the panchayats, Narmada Water Resources department of the govt. has decided to construct them through the State Irrigation department.It has not been planned to construct new check dams from the grant of Narmada Water Resources department.
But of 118 check dams damaged by flood since last three years repairs have been carried out to 53 check dams at an expenditure of Rs.101.02 lakh works of repairs to 35 check dams are in progress. They will be completed before 10th June 2008. It has been planned to carry out repairs to 30 check dams.