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Information on tanks/ponds

Percolation tanks
Total 155 percolation tanks have been constructed at a cost of Rs.501.86 lakh, which will give indirect benefits to irrigate 3100 hectares.
No percolation tank has been sanctioned in panchayat's budget after 1999-2000.
A proposal has been made for new percolation tanks at a cost of Rs.24.02 lakh in work plan during 2007-08. They are to be undertaken after getting sanction.
A proposal has been made of five rural tanks costing below Rs.1 lakh. The work will be undertaken after getting sanction in work plan 2007-08.
But of 60 percolation tanks damaged by flood, in which 34 percolation tanks will be repaired.
It is proposed to construct 36 tanks at a cost of Rs.75.00 lakh under the head water-bodies desalting for improvement of percolation tanks.
Tanks at safe stage.
Tanks constructed during scarcity period were brought to safe stage total 219 works were completed, giving indirect benefits to 4380 hectors. An expenditure of Rs.704.41lakh has been incurred thereon.
Lump sum provision is available for safe stage works No such provision has been received.
In the grant under the head, improvement in proposal of Rs.38.00 lakh has been made for nine tanks in the work plan 2007-08.