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Branch Activities

Malaria branch takes following preventive measures and given treatments to control malaria dangue,chikengunia,filasia type communicable deseases. .
Detect cases of fever.
Disease preventive treatment and total treatment of positive cases.

Detect mosquitto eggs,undertake mosquitto eggs destractive works viz chemical laquicide,burnt oil and minor enginecing,morever eggs eaten fish are placed at the places where water in logged.

In order to curb sources of mosquittoes,medicines are dispensed to the people of mosquitto-curtains are purchesed, insecticides are sprayed in the earmarked villages as per govt-rules.

Activities of swallowing d.e.c pills once in a year on community basis as an integral part of filaria erradication programme,

Foging activities are undertaken to destroy communicating mosquittoes immediately in epidemics.

Collect reports from gram-root level, review them and give guidance. The reports should be submitted at state level and implement the instruction and guide lines received from the State.