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Branch Work

Statistical outline of the District
Information from various officer for last financial year on administrative set up of the district, climate, population, agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, education, cooperative activities, industries, occupations, minerals, banking, transport, employment, human resources, health police administration, income and expenditure of local organizations are obtained and published in the from of booklet. The information is useful for planning of development of the district for increase in industries, occupations and employment and also to establish new industries and occupations last publication of district statistical outline, 2004-05 was published, work to publish publication for 2005-06 has been completed.
Social-economic review
Information like rainfall, agriculture, industries, occupations concerned social economic development of the district as well as information of govt. schemes on financial matters are included in the booklet to publish.
Government surveys
Govt. survey work including census directory, census of livestock, economic, computations are undertaken in rural/urban areas of the district, at last livestock census was undertaken and completed in 2007. Economic computation was undertaken and completed in 2005.